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Residential real estate buying and selling may seem complicated, but it is essentially just a matter of comparison shopping.  Serious buyers compare the available properties within their area of interest, and then choose the one that appears to provide them with the best value. 

Smart sellers know the value of their property, before they list it for sale.  If you list too low, you can expect a quick sale but you will probably feel you did not get top dollar.  If you list too high, your listing will get stale and buyers will be will want you to discount your price even further. 

Home owners want to know the approximate market value of their homes for several reasons, such as assessing the adequacy of insurance coverage, financial portfolio planning,  making plans to move up or down-size, or just plain curiosity.

I invite you to fill in the following form and I will conduct a complimentary market analysis for you. As part of the analysis, I will provide you a list of similar properties in your area that are currently on the market, as well as others that have recently sold.

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